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The IT-BPM and BPO industry of the Philippines are expected for a rebound this year after last year’s smaller growth margin. As optimism and late developments are carried over for early 2018, office spaces and its rate of occupation will see the IT-BPM and BPO industry take up more office space this year.

With the market outlook, construction of new office spaces are being pushed for a much earlier delivery as landlords, who are also keen on servicing the demand, are also catching on with the BPO wave when it comes to office space leasing.

In the race for office occupation, the leasing providers are eager to offer space and flexibility to enable growth for their would-be BPO tenants.

“In this market, BPO locators have become more conscious of running more efficient operations,” said Miguel Manipol, the associate director of Leechiu Property Consultants as quoted by the Manila Bulletin.

When it comes to BPO, office spaces with large office spaces that are sprawling with desks, smaller partitions and workgroups is the typical setup. It is far from the traditional office space setups employed by corporations for decades. Currently, modular and pre-fab floor spaces enable office leasing companies to maximize their diverse tenants.

With flexibility also comes the arrival and success of serviced offices that are essentially “plug-and-play” in nature that allows businesses such as foreign companies and newly registered local BPO start operations. Serviced offices feature 24/7 IT & Network monitoring and troubleshooting in order to support efficient and uninterrupted operations.

Last year, Offshore Gaming Operators have surpassed their 2016 office occupation rate and even managed to outpace BPOs when it comes to the office space take up. The Bay area in Pasay City, Manila is home to the many offshore gaming companies that have since started operations despite being regulated by the country’s amusement and gaming body. This year, offshore gaming companies are eyeing expansion south of Pasay in areas such as Makati, Taguig BGC and Pasig where these areas are also known to host several BPO companies.

With the IT-BPM / BPO industry primed to get back on track for 2018 while offshore gaming are looking to sustain their growth from the past two years, the office market for leasing is due for another banner year.

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