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In the offshoring setup, foreign companies used to lease an office space to house their operations. For the truly established businesses that began operating in the Philippines, they brought a capital sum in order to construct an office that will serve as the base of their operations.

For smaller foreign businesses that want to get started immediately with a small operation that will not require an office, seat leasing is a viable option where numerous service office spaces offer such services.

In a seat leasing setup, companies and their personnel are given a detached office with the utilities of seating, desk, computers and the necessary peripherals to operate. Seat leasing is defined under a leasing agreement between the business and the service office proprietor. It is a setup ideal for businesses that are new to outsourcing and would like to explore its output over the course of the piloted program.

The following service streams are commonly associated with seat leasing in the Philippines:

  • Customer service
  • Business Analysts
  • Inbound and Outbound marketing
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web and Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile App Developers


Why Companies are Opting for Seat Leasing?

Unlike leasing a full office space or establishing an operations centre via construction, seat leasing offers an economic and low-cost way to get started in your outsourcing / offshoring setup in Manila. Seat leasing is scalable in terms of keeping pace with the expansion and growth of the team as most seat leasing providers allow you to equip more seating to accommodate your team expansion as you would require in the future.

Seat Leasing Options

There are a number of seat leasing options for companies that are offered by served office space providers:



Warm Seat Leasing

In this setup, the seat leasing proprietor provides not only the seats but also the staff to be assigned to a specific role. Often, companies who offer seat leasing also offer recruitment for your specific needs when it comes to staffing. Given the Philippines’ diverse range of skilled professionals, the local recruitment scene is vibrant when it comes to sourcing for customer service, website developers and other technical roles.


Cold Seat Leasing

Unlike warm seat leasing, cold seat leasing only offers the seat alongside the peripherals needed to get started in working immediately. This includes the computer, the desk and other peripheral that a specific job may require. Cold seat leasing is for companies who already have a staff that are employed.


Co-Working Seat Lease

The co-working space for seat leasing is relatively new but is gaining popularity. In this setup, your staff has a shared working environment with other companies. This offers a much cheaper rate compared to the regular setup. This may require you and your staff to have your own laptop or notebook.


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