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The concept of the contact center has been around for many decades. What was mainly started as mission control in the United States’ nationwide emergency response departments, businesses have steadily adopted its concept to service customers.

From the traditional setup of a telephone operator with a dedicated hotline, its concept evolved into a service oriented stream under a customer service platform employed by businesses. With the advancement of telephony technology, calls were able to be diverted across continents to offshore contact centre.

The Philippines, considered as one of the pioneer destinations for the offshore contact centre setup that gathered traction in the late 1980s, has successfully built a business industry stream through the contact centre setup under a shared service environment.

Artificial Intelligence on Contact Centres

As the old telephony technology made way for the internet protocols where voice operates, the contact centre is also bound for change when it comes to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many call AI a “disruptive technology” that will affect not only tech providers, but also the entire concept of big businesses for many decades to come.

There has been a notion that machines will replace the people who act as customer support agents or technical support representatives. While technology may permit AI to inherently advance in terms of deciphering customer emotion and emulate human empathy overall, such advancement may be possible but customers are still inclined to talk with a person when they pick up the phone.

Artificial Intelligence will only benefit contact centres as the technology matures and there are several potentials being harnessed today.

Improving Contact Centre Performance

The premise of AI revolves around its computing capacity – far beyond the capacity of humans to process data and information in real time. In this setting, AI works closely with the contact centre teams to monitor and capture performance by way of metric capture and crunching. AI becomes the think-tank that showcases performance levels ranging from Key Performance Indicators (KPI) basing on each call, the weight behind aggregated team performance and mapping the call chain with precision.

Through visualization, humans composed of managers and teams gain insight through analytics granted by the AI running with the contact centre system.

Emotional Intelligence = Customer Experience

The emotional intelligence of humans is based on our capacity to empathize with others. While artificial intelligence may be gaining ground in deciphering the emotional state of customers, it does not however have the capacity to act in consideration to match the emotional response of customers.

AI and Customer Experience teams working hand in hand will allow for better CX through mapping the emotional spectrum of customers. When we are angry or frustrated, indicators are often the choice of words or our voice modulation. Such events are perceived and gathered by AI working in the background while the CX agent does his or her best to address the customer.

In mapping the Customer Experience on the categories of emotions, contact centre get an increasingly accurate map of how customers react basing on pre-defined policies. This will allow to chart better CX overall through emotional support embedded into the framework.

For the Philippine contact centres, Artificial Intelligence must not be seen as a disruptive force that will replace people with robotics, but rather, BPOs in the country must plan on how AI can be incorporated and empower their respective contact centres through the possibilities of AI.

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