Portrait of cheerful Filipino businessman at his workplace
Portrait of cheerful Filipino businessman at his workplace

Accounting for 10-15% of the global BPO market, Philippines has quickly risen over the years, consistently ranking among the top 5 outsourcing destinations in the world. According to a study made by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), “The Philippines is becoming a key developing industry, primarily due to the low cost of living, and a workforce which is composed mainly of young and educated Filipinos with good spoken English language skills.” International research and data companies have in fact recently named the Philippines the No. 1 outsourcing destination in the world.

Furthermore, Philippine government programs have focused their efforts on creating incentives like tax exemptions and simpler import and export procedures in order to attract more foreign investors. The BPO industry has become a highly prioritized area for the Philippine Development Plan, given the outstanding economic contributions the industry has made to the country. That said, foreign investment processes in the Philippines are much more easily executed.

With regard to BPO operation requirements, the many offshore outsourcing services in the Philippines are readily offered to companies of all sizes and needs, such as serviced offices, global in-house centres and third-party outsourcing providers.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to BPOs, India is one of the country’s greatest contenders, boasting of an equally high English-proficiency rating. So the question is, which outsourcing destination would be best for you: India or the Philippines? Let’s look at the facts:

In the call centre industry – a subsector of the BPO industry – India has been a leading contender for years. But tables have turned, with the Philippines now surpassing India’s statistics as the leading call centre country.

According to a research from Business Mirror, the Philippines currently ranks third in the top English-proficient countries in Asia, following Singapore and Malaysia… with India ranking only fourth.

A great advantage that Filipinos have with regard to English as a spoken language is that their accent is more neutral compared to their Indian counterparts. Heavy accents are difficult for native English speakers to understand, and therefore easily create communication barriers. This is an obvious crippling factor in the way of addressing customers’ needs.

Another advantage that Filipinos have in adapting to English communication is the fact that Filipinos have many Western cultural influences. While India also has its British influences which account for their high English proficiency, the Philippines has far more exposure to the spoken language, with an array of American and English Asian TV channels that allow Filipinos to quickly adopt the accents and idioms of native English speakers. India, on the other hand, is more limited in these kinds of exposures via media.

The above statistics and more are the same reasons that Ezy Outsource has chosen the Philippines as its outsourcing destination. The ease of starting BPO operations due to high government support, the low cost of living and salary expectations of locals, and the high English-proficiency ratio of Filipinos all work together to create a very feasible landscape for your BPO needs.

Ezy Outsource is an established and reputable company, with expertise in setting up BPO specifically in the Philippines. If you need expert advice and support in setting up your business here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can walk you through it all.