office space

For decades now, customer support has been a major contributor to the profitability margin of companies, connecting consumers more intimately with brands through human interaction (customer service representatives), and therefore creating a higher ratio of brand loyalty from consumers. Businesses that offer technical products in particular, are able to offer agents that can guide consumers step-by-step in the use of these products. Given this fact, it’s no wonder the BPO industry has rapidly grown over the past decade, with the continuous demand for the benefits that customer service has proven to provide businesses standing as the biggest contributing factor.

But while companies naturally have their own offices, there is often still the problem of lack of space that eventually arises, with a constantly growing team of employees to keep up with the demands of a growing industry. This is where outsource services like seat leasing come in.

Seat leasing is often straightforward in its payment terms, and more often than not, property owners provide fully-equipped offices, complete with desks, tables, computers and even headsets; making it quicker for a business to start its operations.

The service most utilised by BPO’s under seat leasing is the plug-and-play. With this type of service, desks and internet connection are provided by the lessor, while the company need only bring its own equipment to start operating. You literally need only plug your equipment, and you’re set to go.

Seat leasing poses great advantages for startup businesses, with more short-term leasing commitments compared to those of the traditional office spaces. This allows room for startup companies to assess the changing needs of their operations before committing to more permanence, which traditional spaces require. Additionally, available office space is quite difficult to come by in prime business centres, due to the large demand for these quality spaces.

Yet seat leasing is not only advantageous to new and small businesses; the same goes for large companies. While large BPO’s will usually have their own offices, or even whole buildings devoted to their call centres alone, they still experience the problem of space, with the seemingly unending necessity for expansion to accommodate their constant growth requirements. That said, seat leasing comes in very handy for them as well.

To cite an example, while it’s possible to have employees share desk space, given that they are scheduled on different shifts, in reality, the idea is not very feasible. Why? Because this doesn’t allow room for either employee to work beyond the allotted time, as it would sacrifice the work time of the agent-in-waiting. Hence, companies utilise seat leasing services to give employees more freedom to work beyond their hours if needed.

Lastly, an attractive feature of seat lease is that property owners are able to provide additional services to promote the comfort, and therefore productivity and satisfaction of employees within a company. Features like game rooms, vibrant meeting rooms, quality furniture and the availability of pantries all cater to an employee’s satisfaction in the workplace.

With the numerous advantages that seat leasing provides, it’s not hard to see why this type of service has gained much popularity in the BPO industry over the years. Ezy Outsourcing makes it easier for you to find the right space, if you are looking toward this direction. We have a good availability of premium work spaces in the top business centers around Metro Manila, providing reliable internet connection and high-quality equipment, to name a few perks. Let us help you in searching for the perfect work space for your business. Get in touch with us.