office space for lease
office space for lease

In order for businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced global economy, they now have to be extremely flexible and smart in their cost-management strategies. This includes the need for convenient and low-cost, low-commitment commercial office spaces in which to maintain operations.

Traditional office spaces have always been costly and cumbersome in startup operations and maintenance, often deterring business goals with the large chunk of time and investments they take up. Large corporations have been able to afford such office spaces; but most businesses suffer the costly terms of traditional office space rental.

Thus, the emergence of flexible office spaces that have allowed businesses to become more competitive in their industries through lower overhead costs, rental rates, lesser occupant commitments and high scalability opportunities, which have drastically cut business operational costs for many companies.

Not all flexible office spaces are the same, however. You have the option of choosing between serviced spaces and coworking spaces. While both types provide flexible payment options, the convenience of equipped and fully-furnished rooms, and personnel that handles building and utilities maintenance, the main difference is in the privacy levels of each space option.

Coworking office spaces often have an open floor plan, where facilities are generally shared by the occupants. You can choose to rent by the desk, or rent a full suite for your entire team. The atmosphere of coworking spaces is more casual and collaborative. These spaces are more commonly inhabited by startups and freelancers, and are run by a community manager who oversees the onboarding of new members, maintains the culture of the space, and promotes collaboration.

Serviced office spaces, on the other hand, have a more professional design and atmosphere to them. They are more compartmentalized, which is especially beneficial to companies who have different departments. The compartmentalization of different departments allows workers to focus on their own work, rather than getting distracted by issues from other departments. The higher level of privacy also allows for greater productivity and a sense of pride in space ownership. As opposed to traditional office spaces, serviced spaces offer the opportunity for a company to upsize or downsize its space according to current operational needs. You may choose to rent additional rooms or lessen them as the need arises.

As you may have observed, serviced and coworking spaces differ in the qualities they can provide for companies, though they both offer business scalability, convenience, and lower overhead costs.

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