Highly skilled tech talent used to be a challenge to find, in those days when you could only hire within the immediate geographical radius of your office. The physical presence of a programmer in your office premises was the only tangible solution to acquiring their services. Large business districts had a better advantage when it came to acquiring highly-qualified talent; but for businesses in more remote locations, talent was often few and far-between.

With the emergence of a new (and now-maturing) technological industry however, came the possibility to acquire talent, even from long distances. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, businesses could now hire workers with the right specifications for a required job, without having to require the worker’s physical presence in the office. Distance no longer became an obstacle. Hence, the emergence as well of business outsource providers, which have only grown in number and demand over the past few years.

BPO companies have been serving businesses from various industries in boosting their productivity levels through service of various administrative and IT tasks, as well as support in strategic outsource solutions that promote business growth in cost-effective ways.

Today, the global outsourcing industry comprises 31% of IT services within industries. In a research done by Statista of the outsourcing industry between 2000-2019, results showed that the global outsourcing market generated an average of 92.5 billion dollars in revenue.

The main reasons for companies to outsource were to reduce business costs and to be able to gear company focus toward core goals and strategic planning. Other major reasons involved service quality enhancement and efforts toward transformational change.

With the capacity to outsource projects, services and manpower, businesses have experienced rapid growth rates like never before. This has also created a highly-competitive global market, however, that stresses the importance of outsourced services in order for companies to keep up productivity rates to match those of their competitors.

If you find that your company’s productivity rates are either declining or plateauing, and are thus becoming a hindrance to your growth, it may be time for you to jump into the bandwagon of outsourced services in areas where you need technical or administrative help and expertise.

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