commercial office space
commercial office space

An office space to do business is an essential tool in centralizing your company processes toward efficient operations. It is also a costly asset that can eat up much of your business capital, especially if you are in the startup phase of your business and currently have limited resources.

Furthermore, the permanent leasing contracts that landlords demand for renting their commercial spaces tend to make startup businesses uncomfortable. After all, you have yet to test the viability of your new business venture before jumping into the waters of permanent leasing contracts. Given this fact, standard rent contracts of 3-5 years and the disbursement of large amounts of capital to fulfill the necessary deposit and advanced payment schemes can make you feel undecided about having an adequate office to deal with your business operations. This is where the option of seat leasing conveniently comes in for many businesses.

Seat leasing gives the option of renting space on a per seat basis. You won’t have to rent a whole office space, especially if all you need is enough space and equipment to suit a small team’s operational needs. Seat leasing is a very ideal setup if you’re looking for a startup office space. It fulfills only the number of seats your company needs at any point in time, while at the same time readily providing facilities and equipment like desks, chairs, internet and computers so that you can start operating as soon as possible. The convenience and flexibility of seat leasing as an office space for startup companies has been especially advantageous to particular industries, which we proceed to name below:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – The BPO industry is one of the most successful industries worldwide today. This is greatly due to the ease of setting up outsourced operations. To setup a call center, for example, you would only need a client, good internet connection and a few employees to start operating. Many call centers started out with seat leasing, until they were large and established enough to rent their own office space. The affordability and convenience of seat leasing has allowed them to allocate their capital and resources toward strategies for further growth.

Real Estate – Leasing seats is a good strategy when you are starting a real estate business. A simple but proper office space that provides the needed facilities for processing documents and managing your real estate listings goes far in organization purposes for smooth-flowing operations.

Online shopping – Here is another fast-growing industry that has seen an even greater rise in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has fostered a stay-at-home culture that has opted to shop online for their daily needs. The convenience of online shopping has found stable ground for a promising future.

Online shopping businesses find it infinitely convenient to have a central base of operations to market their products, process transactions, provide customer support and coordinate with their suppliers. Again, seat leasing has worked well for these types of businesses to fulfill their basic operational needs without having to spend large amounts of money for office space.

Courier companies, Virtual Assistant businesses, and many more businesses from various industry sectors have benefitted as well from the more affordable, flexible, and convenient terms and services that seat leasing has provided.

If you are considering seat leasing as the most viable option for your business operations but would like to know more, contact us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. We provide serviced office spaces in the most competitive business districts in Manila today. Learn the difference in costs that we can make possible for your business so that you can gain the competitive edge you need to thrive in today’s business world.