global offshore outsourcing
global offshore outsourcing

The Philippines is recognized today as the top offshore business outsourcing provider worldwide. Low costs, foreign investment-friendly government incentives, and the high availability of an industrious workforce that is proficient in the English language are the main factors that have spurred businesses over the years to choose the country as their offshore startup destination.

Despite all the positive facts and proofs of success you may have heard about offshore business from reliable sources, offshoring your business to a foreign country can still seem daunting. Here, we provide some simply explained steps to make offshoring a less intimidating venture for you:

Business Registration:

First and foremost on the list of to-do’s is of course the registration of your business with the right government authority. For offshore operations, the Philippine government offices you will need to deal with are Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

You will need to fill out the required business registration forms for approval. Most foreign businesses hire the services of a reliable local business outsource provider or BPO to furnish the paperwork for them since this would be the quickest and most convenient way to accomplish all government requirements. Offshore outsourcing providers are well-versed in the country’s government regulations for commerce. They will also find out the government incentives being offered in your specific industry so that your business can reap tax benefits or exemptions if applicable.

Finding a Strategic Location:

Another advantage of partnering up with an outsource provider is that they not only know the best Philippine locations for doing business, but already have available to them a number of office spaces in prime business districts… saving you the hassles and costs of tedious research and numerous ocular inspections.

You may do well to ask first though, what industry you are operating under. For example, if you are a manufacturing firm, then a location with a wide expanse of land, like those outside city boundaries would be best. If you are starting up office operations for customer support or other business processes however, you would want to choose a location that is convenient for your clients and that gives you a professional brand image. These types of office spaces can readily be found within central business districts.

Your trusted outsource provider can also help you choose between a serviced office space, a traditional one, or seat leasing, depending on your company’s specific needs, goals and resources.

Hire Your Offshore Team

Hiring offshore employees in a foreign country is no easy task. You will have to do a good amount of research and posting on job boards and social networks to find the right people for your business. Yet even though these online mediums, workers with the specific qualifications you need can be hard to come by. Outsource providers, however, already have a large pool of local talent in various and specified fields of expertise. These professionals are already adept in their fields, which means little to no training will be required from you; saving you training costs, and making it possible for you to start operating straight away.

There’s no reason why you can’t try to startup business operations on your own, even in foreign countries like the Philippines; but as you can see, partnering up with an offshore outsource provider makes it infinitely more convenient for you to do so. With their in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise in Philippine operations, you will, in the end, be able to save on many accumulated costs, time and headaches in starting up offshore.

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