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Return to Work to Dictate an Increase in Serviced Office Demand

Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurrence, office spaces have experienced a great decline in demand, with work-from-home setups replacing in-office operations for many businesses. The turn of the new year 2021 still continues to see hesitation among businesses to resume full-fledged office operations, with the uncertainties that the virus has created for businesses worldwide. Hence, office […]

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Offshore Outsourcing vs. Captive Offshoring

It has pretty much been a well-established fact that offshoring your business operations leads to greatly reduced operational and manpower costs; which is the reason the BPO industry has enjoyed steady growth worldwide in the past decade. The success of pioneer companies who have chosen offshore outsourcing has only further catapulted the demand for these […]

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Coworking Space vs. Serviced Office

In order for businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced global economy, they now have to be extremely flexible and smart in their cost-management strategies. This includes the need for convenient and low-cost, low-commitment commercial office spaces in which to maintain operations. Traditional office spaces have always been costly and cumbersome in startup operations and maintenance, […]

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The Future of Remote Work Recruitment

Before the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote jobs were already experiencing steady growth, often for their ability to provide companies with freelance and contractual workers with the right qualifications for specific jobs despite geographical distance. The pandemic occurrence, however, only served to push this growth even further, when companies had to devise ways to […]

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Businesses that Benefit Most in Office Leasing

An office space to do business is an essential tool in centralizing your company processes toward efficient operations. It is also a costly asset that can eat up much of your business capital, especially if you are in the startup phase of your business and currently have limited resources. Furthermore, the permanent leasing contracts that […]