startup call centre
startup call centre

Everyone wants to feel heard and respected.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of every business, in its ability to retain customer loyalty and satisfaction through an agent or frontliner’s personalised assistance of unique customer issues. It has the capacity to connect the customer to your brand more intimately. It also speaks a lot about how important your clients are to you. As such, an adequate office space should be devoted to this aspect of company operations… especially when a company is experiencing a growing demand for fast and efficient customer service.

But starting up call centre operations isn’t easy. For one, a lot of time and research goes into finding the right office space to suit your company’s specific needs. Factors like location convenience and security, space costs, and facilities and maintenance costs all fall into careful consideration. This can take valuable time and focus away from your business productivity; not to mention incurring costs while you painfully do your research on the best office spaces available to you.

If you seek the support of expert outsource providers, however, this job won’t have to be even half as painful. Outsource providers already have an availability of the most highly-demanded office spaces for you to choose from, since it’s their specialty to provide these kinds of spaces for business process outsourcing. Furthermore, outsource providers can give you the more preferred option of seat leasing to startup your call centre operations quickly, easily, and more cost-effectively.

If you’re looking for an office space to start call centre operations and are new to the idea of seat leasing, then perhaps you’ve come to this article at just the right time. Seat leasing is a serviced space already complete with the needed call center facilities, and you have the option to rent as many or as little space as you want. The idea of seat leasing was developed for the very reason of providing quick and easy startup operations, especially for call centre work. What are the advantages of seat leasing, over renting a traditional office space?

Well, it all boils down to cost-effectiveness, really. Renting your own office space is expensive, right from the start. You initially pay a big lumpsum to cover advance rental and deposit payments, in addition to signing a long term contract – usually a commitment lasting 5-10 years – for the landlord’s assurance that they will be working with you on a long-term basis. This kind of commitment is what makes startup businesses uncomfortable, because the main question to ask would then be: “Will my business even survive through the long period?” Because before you’ve even started earning from your venture, you’ve already incurred whopping office space costs.

Traditional office spaces further increase your costs with the need to provide your office with furniture, necessary facilities and IT equipment, which you will not only have to install on your own, but maintain as well. This, on top of the need for regular space maintenance in safety and cleanliness, availability of water stations and other necessary small details for smooth productivity and workplace satisfaction, which unfortunately, add up still to expenses.

Seat leasing solves these complicated and costly office space problems, especially for startup businesses who have yet to test the viability of their venture. With direct, upfront terms that allow for short-term space rental commitments, and the availability of needed facilities like desks, chairs, computers, and even headsets, you virtually don’t have to wrack your brains to think about what else is needed to start your operations.

A popular seat leasing option at the moment is Plug-and-Play. This service provides you with the needed office furniture and internet connection, so all you’ll need to do is bring your equipment, plug in and get going on your operations. Yes, as simple as that.

Seat leasing is a viable option that large call centres with their own office spaces take advantage of too. With the speed of growth that call centers often find themselves in, seat leasing becomes an easy way to keep adding (or decreasing, for that matter) rented seats, as needed. There will be no need to incur gigantic space rental costs yet again, with another office space. Seat leasing is the more cost and time-efficient solution for quick startup operations.

If you would like more information and support on your office space needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. We are experienced experts in providing for all kinds of business outsourcing and offshoring needs. We can give you creative solutions that fit your most unique business needs.