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Workspaces locally and globally have seen a major revamp over the years because of the generational shift in mindset and needs. Traditional offices that are dull, generic, and expensive are a thing of the past and won’t appeal to millennials and zillenials that make up the bulk of the country’s workforce population.


A prudent choice would be considering outsourced and serviced offices that offer either office or seat leasing because it is more economical, efficient, and empathic.


According to some experts in office space leasing, here are trends some workers can look forward to in 2020.



Community working spaces have been a popular choice for employers because it saves them money in the long run. Lease contracts usually grant the lessee the liberty to control: how much space, the duration of their stay and how much electricity they consume monthly— options that are not traditionally available in typical contracts.


Tech-savvy spaces

The youth of today heavily rely on conveniences such as a reliable wi-fi connection, air conditioning and centralized printing. Modern offices offer these, sometimes with unlimited coffee and tea.


Health is wealth 

Aside from being attractive and uncluttered, modern leased offices are efficiently designed. Taking inspiration from utilitarian and minimal Scandinavian and Zen counterparts. Additions of greenery, posture-aligning chairs, and strategic lighting highlight how much offices have progressed.


Inclusivity is encouraged 

Today’s multi-tasking workers have a strong desire to establish meaningful connections and networking. To address this need, open-floor designs have been adapted by offices to provide employees/ workers a place to work in and a chance to interact with others.


The Filipino business community will always find ways to adapt to the changes augured by these uncertain times. Office Leasing may prove to be a viable solution while the Philippines strives to embrace changes brought on by the new normal.


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