Philippine BPO Maintains High Competitive Conditions

Costs are one of the hindrances that businesses face every now and then; thus, blocking their growth or even becoming the reason of halting operations. Businesses can get outsourcing solutions that lower overhead costs. Through Ezy Outsourcing Hub, businesses can get competitive talents from the Philippines, which are proficient in the English language and known […]


BPO Industry Facing Challenges When Expanding into Mindanao

There are current difficulties for businesses who wish to penetrate Mindanao due to the ongoing Marshall Law. However, the Metro is currently getting large takeovers strictly allocated for office spaces, opening new office leasing services. For businesses looking for a trusted philippines offshoring solutions, Ezy Outsourcing Hub offers offices in prime locations that are fully […]

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Upskilling of BPO Workforce Key to Coping with AI

Automation and artificial Intelligence (AI) are known to disrupt the business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines in a negative way, and local and international experts think otherwise, according to a report by the Business Mirror. These experts said the industry should not be scared of what automation could bring to millions of Filipino call […]