Why Philippine BPOs Have the Best Company Culture

Company culture plays an important role in the success of any company. A good culture within the organization inspires employees to perform their work better, increases their productivity, and lowers staff turnover rates for the company.

Having a great company culture is an edge that Philippine BPO companies possess over other top BPO destinations. It is one of the main reasons that BPO in the country has consistently ranked at the top of the most preferred, worldwide.

So what makes Philippine BPO company culture stand out? Here are a few reasons:

Local Values and Traits:

Empathy and hospitality are two traits that run deeply in Filipino culture. These traits reflect on the Filipino worker’s ability to create better customer experience, accommodating even the most frustrated and impatient customers with grace.

High English Literacy:

The outstandingly high English literacy rates of Filipinos ranks them as one of the top English speakers in Asia. A neutral accent and a more intimate understanding of Western culture than other countries allow workers to communicate and be understood better by their Western customers. Filipino workers are also able to take active roles in business discussions and perform complex tasks because of their high literacy.

Work-Play Balance:

As that old proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Thus, Filipino BPO companies ensure that their staff get to take breaks from tiring workloads by treating their workers to summer outings, team building activities, and various parties and events to enjoy special occasions. These activities counter work stress, promote good health, and foster stronger bonds and a sense of teamwork among employees.

Additionally, work hours are set at a maximum of 40 hours per week for all employees, giving employees ample time to rest and attend to personal needs outside of office hours for proper work-life balance.

Non-Discriminatory Policies:

Philippine BPO workplaces do not tolerate gender, racial or disability discriminations. Everyone is treated equal, and everyone gets a fair chance of achieving company rewards and promotions with the right effort, productivity, attitude and drive.

A Culture That Cares:

Philippine BPO firms support the individual aspirations of their employees, providing programs such as education funding, housing loan equity, and other such benefits that support the needs of employees who meet the specific criteria.

Most of all, Filipinos are known for being one of the happiest people in the world. A work environment built on cheerfulness, camaraderie, balance, high work ethics and hospitality is indeed a great foundation for a company’s growth goals.

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