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The Philippines is considered as one of the top countries with the best business process outsourcing industry, showing potential for businesses all around the world. And now, working conditions are being looked into and will now change, allowing more Filipinos to join the workforce. More talents coming aboard the industry, the more employees are available for deployment when businesses are looking for employees fit for their preferences.

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The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines is a lucrative market, wherein businesses from all over the world are taking a piece of the pie; hence, opening more opportunities for Filipinos who want to work with international clients. However, working conditions have led some employees to experience stress, while some have uncertainty when it comes to regularisation and other benefits. In order to battle this and further pave the way for a better BPO industry, there were house bills currently under the House Committee on Labor and Employment.

There are currently six proposed measures being considered by the House Committee on Labor and Employment, among these bills are focused on upgrading working conditions in the BPO industry, such as providing a definite path for regularisation and protection from overwork. The six bills are House Bills (HB) 156, 661, 662, 2233, 4629, and 5728.

Under HBs 156, 661 and 5728, the fees that are imposed on workers who leave the firm before a specific term will now become illegal, while House Bills 56, 661, 662, 4629, and 5728 will discuss workplace issues. Aside from the House bills, the Department of Labor and Employment is tasked to standards that will protect occupational health and impose safety for the lucrative industry.

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