commercial office space

With the technological growth spurt that we have been experiencing in the past decade and the modernization of lifestyles into more focus on wellness factors, office spaces have had to adjust their design concepts into ones that befit the times.

These days, in order to meet increasing design standards, having an office that’s flexible to a company’s rapidly changing technological needs and at the same time creates a working environment conducive for employee performance means that it must adopt at least some of the new design protocols.

These new workspace ideas are designed with the goals of improving employee productivity, attracting talented new recruits, creating a feeling of well-being and inspiring creative new ideas. At the same time, the spaces are designed in such a way that leaves room to accommodate the ever-changing technological requirements of companies.

Below, therefore, are some of the major trends in office design, which companies should be considering in 2020 for maximum business output:


Up to this point, companies have been utilizing multi-functional office spaces with features like moveable green dividers to create individualized yet communication-efficient coworking space, TV and video equipment and step-style seating, among a few. These were the basic requirements to start meeting the needs of increasingly multidisciplinary industries. However, these were just the beginning.

A new phase of design is evolving that meets today’s needs more accurately. The concept of dynamic flexibility introduces a new line of office furniture designed to fit any space and purpose. They are:
· Lightweight
· Moveable
· Multi-functional
· Ergonomic

These design trends allow for great flexibility in transforming and re-transforming spaces to suit immediate office needs and complement workflow adjustments. Not to mention, maximizing the office space available.


An environmentally conscious society has emerged, and with it, the new demand for building sustainable home and work spaces. Sustainable design is the use of recycled, naturally sourced and green building materials. The idea of being surrounded by a ‘greener’ indoor environment creates positive outlooks of working in an environment that supports the ecosystem; which translates to a sense of well-being for employees. Some examples of sustainable design elements are: stone and wood materials, live plants and vertical gardens.

But there’s more, where sustainability is concerned. Buildings must also obtain such certifications as LEED and WELL building standard, which have as their aim, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings that promote human health and wellness. Especially in 2020 and beyond, health factors will become of utmost importance in workplace settings.


With the increase in digital capabilities, current statistics show that more than two thirds of people around the world are working remotely at least once a week. This means that businesses must find ways to create more inviting spaces that promote comfort, convenience and a sense of community among employees in order to maintain a work environment that can equal the benefits of working remotely.

Features found in hospitality industries are now becoming available in office environments, such as restaurants, bars, beer fridges, gaming rooms, lounge furniture and fitness areas. These new building features help boost employee morale and develop relationships; and they are aimed toward the goal of keeping employee satisfaction and staying capacity in the office setting.

These are the most visible trends that we are currently seeing in office real estate, and ones that are not likely to be just a fad, given the growth in sustainability values that individuals are adopting all over the world. The millennial population, in particular, which currently makes up most of the global workforce, tends to be more health-conscious and pro-environment. By utilizing these new design trends, businesses create a greater possibility to attract new talents into their company.
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