workplace disinfection

During the pandemic, our government has initiated strict protocols to protect its people. The rules and guidelines mandated should be followed religiously you can prevent the spread of the virus, at the same time protect yourself and your family.


Outsourcing and managed services are under the same mandate and should follow it. Not only does it help the employees, but at the same time take care of the business by making sure that the workforce is healthy and can render services needed by the clients.


Implement social distancing


Social distancing is very important and is the backbone of not spreading the virus. It is essential to practice this for outsourcing and managed services for day-to-day operations. Here are some key points on how you can practice social distancing while working:


  • Maintain a safe distance from your co-workers. The most appropriate distance is 1 meter, you can still hear the person and maintain proper communication while you protect yourself and others.
  • Your workstation should have 1-meter space. This is advised especially if you work side by side. Maintaining space for each station could also prevent the spread of COVID-19 and not compromise your comfortability to work.
  • Avoid physical contact with other people or things. It is vital to not touch anything while you are in the office or outside. Once you leave your house, you need to consider that the virus can be anywhere. As the old saying tells us, prevention is better than cure.


Disinfection of work station

Proper disinfection of workstations and sanitation of the office is obliged. Especially to workstations that are used by multiple employees during the working hours. You need to kill the virus, germs, and bacterias as they can contaminate things used by an affected person.

Mask is a must

According to the “new normal”, a face mask is required wherever you go. If you are in a closed space with an air conditioning unit, it is very wise to wear a mask all the time as viruses live longer in cold places, and they are not easily dispersed unlike with open spaces.

Always have alcohol and hand sanitizer

This is your main weapon in cleaning your station and your body. Alcohol can help prevent the acquisition of the virus. Needless to say, you need it every time. From your house, transportation, to your office, alcohol and hand sanitizers should be with you at all times. You can use small bottles to fit in your bag or even in your pocket.


EZY Outsourcing Hub not only follows these guidelines, but we enforce it in our workplace. It is mandatory for our employees to adhere as they can protect themselves and their loved ones during the pandemic. If you enjoyed this article, we have more articles for you, you can visit for more. If you are interested in our company, you can contact us or you can talk with us using the chatbox or ask us button. Safe working everyone!