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The call center service model is considered as among the top careers for employment when it comes to the country’s IT-BPM industry as agents are employed by the thousands across the many BPO companies that operate in the country.

Recently, with the global progress and development of automated applications such as robotics when it comes to the applied contact centre model, there have been projections that the country’s call center employment will take a hit in the following years due to the linguistic capabilities of automated machines.

However, the President of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), Benedict Hernandez, has stated that the Philippines will still lead the global market when it comes to call center operations in the IT-BPM industry.

In the annual conference hosted by the CCAP, Mr Hernandez said that employment projections for call center employment will rise to 1.2 million by 2022. As of 2016, there were 751,000 employed across call centers in the country. CCAP estimates that call center employment will be adding over 73,000 per year from 2017 to the years ahead.

Call centre revenue will also grow by 8 percent per year and will be valued at $20 billion within the next six years.

The projections for call center revenue and valuation have taken into consideration the impact of automation towards the country’s call center scene.

“Net, there will be growth, we are not going to decline, nor stand still,” said Mr Hernandez as quoted by Malaya.

Mr Hernandez also stated that the country’s call center scene is prepared for the changes ahead when it comes to automation as the shift from entry level jobs to more complex positions from automation handling and the essential human interface will be introduced.

Growth from 2016 through 2022

According to Mr Hernandez, the impact of automation will affect the human capital for entry level jobs in the call centre department as automation will see repetitive front desk jobs shrink from 27 percent by 2022 from 47 percent in 2016.

Basing on the recent study made by Frost & Sullivan, the IT-BPM industry stands to lose around 40,000 jobs due to automation. The CCAP is aware of the implications of automation and is pushing change this early with the IT-BPM’s capability to ride the wave of automation.

Mr Hernandez of CCAP also noted that the global outsourcing market is growing 6 percent every year from $166 billion last year to a valuation worth $250 billion in 2022 as the country is well equipped to move with the industry as it shifts to automation.

From 2016, the Philippines’ share on the global outsourcing market is valuated at 12.7 percent and according to projections, will rise to 15.5 percent in 2022.

Optimism for Philippine IT-BPM

Despite the direct slow down of IT-BPM investments into the country, such regression is not attributed to the country’s call center services losing ground to automation. The sophistication of call center amidst automation will help diversify the country’s call center employment towards robotic operators as interfaces. With an effort to acclimate, the call center scene is projected to grow and not lose ground.

The country’s call center workforce has long enjoyed an advantage when it comes to call center outsourcing due to their linguistic capabilities when it comes to western English. As the call centers across the country make plans to thrive in the automation wave of the future, the call center workforce will see a shift from linguistic specialty towards humanistic interface in operating automated applications.

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