Businesses That Benefit from Seat Leasing

The need for office space has always been a challenge to many businesses. Obviously, buying a commercial space is out of the question for most, as this involves too large an investment, which many businesses – especially small and medium enterprises – can’t readily afford.

The next best decision that most companies opt for is to rent an office space. Yet this too, has its drawbacks. Obtaining an office space in a location that is both convenient for doing business and in close proximity to the target market can be very challenging indeed, especially when there is great demand for these spaces which can mainly be found in central business districts (CBDs). Due to the high demand for CBD spaces around the Metro, rent prices continuously rise as well.

Fortunately, there is an innovative solution to the office space problem: seat leasing. Seat leasing has become the smartest way for companies to start a business today. With seat leasing, companies have the option to choose to rent as many or as little office space (or seats) as they need at any given time. Seat leasing terms are low commitment and offer scalability. Furthermore, these spaces have 24-hour security, come fully furnished and equipped, and most of all, are readily affordable for even the most modest startups.

Some businesses that especially benefit from seat leasing services are:

Offshore/Outsource Operations: The BPO industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today due to the ease of setting up operations. Minimum requirements for startup consist simply of a dialer, good internet connection, a couple of employees, and a client, which makes seat leasing a great option for this type of business. The occupier can easily expand to renting more seat spaces as needed.

Online shopping: A key requirement for an online selling platform is a centralized team. Having a central base of operations allows the team to market products, take calls and orders, track packages, and coordinate with suppliers. But the space needs of this business are also very minimal, which make seat leasing an ideal choice.

Real Estate: Similar to online shopping, a small to medium-sized real estate business needs a centralized space to complete calls, process papers, and manage listings. Seat leasing offers spaces for this type of business that are already fully-equipped, making starting operations a breeze.

Shipping/Courier Companies: Tracking and monitoring delivered packages is easier with a centralized system, but again, space needs are very minimal.

Virtual Assistant Business: Clients now prefer Virtual Assistant businesses with an office, for reliability and professionalism. Because this business is highly reliant on digital capabilities, seat leasing options provide backup internet and power.

Of course, seat leasing is not only limited to the businesses mentioned above. It’s a sound option for virtually any business with varying space needs, limited capital, and is looking for fast and convenient space to start operations right away.

If you’re looking for the best seat leasing solutions in the Metro today, get in touch with us at Ezy Outsourcing Hub. We’ve been in the office space business for many years and know exactly what spaces work for any type of business. Stop wasting precious money on unneeded office space. Seat leasing is today’s answer to convenient and affordable business operations.