Philippine BPO Companies Help Boost Fortune 500 Companies in the USA

It is usually the big brands who are first to try out innovative ways of doing business because of their financial capability to risk new ventures and strategies.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Fortune 500 companies, the largest companies in the United States, were among the earliest adopters of outsourcing. These companies have long been using outsourcing as a means of scaling their operations and improving their customer service, while saving money in the process.

Yet as business process outsourcing or BPO has grown rapidly through the years, its services have now become available to SMEs as well. These days, companies big and small are benefitting from the power of outsourced services to catapult their business into growth rates like they’d never experienced before.

For example, for small-scale companies, even a few seats for their call center (from anywhere between 4 and 50 call agent seats) are accommodated by outsource providers today.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing is its scalability. Organizations are able to obtain as much or as little outsourced staff and infrastructure as they deem necessary at any given time. This gives them the flexibility to increase or decrease operational costs, especially since a common theme of business within any industry is to go through periods of ups and downs in growth.

Another great benefit of outsourcing is that BPO providers already have the needed infrastructure and trained staff in place, so that organizations wouldn’t have to worry about the costs in time and money that such expenses bring. Companies will not only have a readily available contact center or business processing unit to begin operations at once; they will also have saved a considerable amount in not having had to invest in large overhead from setting up and running their own operations.

Last but not least, BPOs provide the added value of conducting customer surveys or gathering information from customer feedback and data, as one of their core functions, in order to provide client companies with insights on customer attitudes and staff service-handling regarding a brand’s products and services. They are able to gather this data through their routine operations, to help them improve their services, as well as help their clients better understand how their customers use or perceive their brand.

The value that outsourcing brings in reduced costs is so great that the majority of Fortune 500 companies have either outsourced to a call center in the Philippines or set up their own operations there.

The Philippines has particularly become a leading BPO destination globally, even surpassing India as the most preferred call center destination in the recent years. The country has become a popular choice for businesses in English-speaking countries like the US, UK and Australia, for the Filipino worker’s high English proficiency and excellent grasp of Western culture.

To cite examples, Citibank outsources its IT and tech-related services to the Philippines, and Facebook outsources some of its content moderation to Philippine call centers. Accenture spends up to $17 billion on BPOs worldwide, providing 300,000 jobs for workers in the Philippines. All of these companies continue to benefit from quality services from call center agents, increased productivity and operational growth, at reduced costs.

Today the BPO industry is one of the biggest drivers of the Philippine economy and is hence, well supported by the government. Setting up operations in the country gets very little fuss, if any at all, because of this support.

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