Outsourcing Forum Warn of Stagnation in Filipino IT-BPM Skills

Businesses in other continents have viewed the Philippine BPO industry with a high-regard due to its workforce’s linguistic prowess and English proficiency. Those attributes make the country very competitive when it comes to being ranked among the most preferred outsourcing destination for many businesses. However, the Philippines’ global BPO rank must address the so-called “fourth-industrial […]

BPO City Cebu SRP

BPO City Rising in Cebu Island in Visayas

In the Top 100 Outsourcing Destination published by Tholons, Cebu city was ranked fifth in the world as an outsourcing destination for foreign businesses. The ranking is a testament to the island and city’s capability to greatly sustain business development. Cebu has long been regarded by local and foreign businesses as the nation’s second capital, […]

PH businesses digital capability and transformation

PH Businesses Falling Behind in Digitalization

The Philippines have traditionally enjoyed its lofty position as among the world’s outsourcing destinations due to the country’s skilled labor built for BPO skill substitution, English proficiency and competitive operations costs. Direct investments by offshore companies in terms of IT infrastructure and data convergence have raised the country’s IT standards, but for the businesses who […]

value proposition outsourcing philippines

The Rise of Value Proposition When It Comes to Outsourcing

Cost and its reduction was a notion that fueled the Philippines’ IT-BPM growth over the last two decades as managed service centers providing outsourcing services offered competitive rates allotted for a workforce in skill substitution with linguistic expertise to serve the customer service forefront. With disruptive technology shaping businesses worldwide and is dictating the delivery […]


Philippine Shared Service Landscape has Capability to Meet Analytics and Robotics

The Philippines is known for its skilled workforce that continuously fuel the growth of the outsourcing industry’s shared service centres through the population’s linguistic skills and readily procured low-cost labour to fill up processing roles in the allotted business scope. With the advancement of robotics and its base programming derived out of the operating artificial […]